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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Did the Stock Market crash after 9/11?

Query by TeejSSX16: Did the Stock Market place crash after 9/11?
Is that why our government is the place it is at right now?

I am just a 14 yr outdated boy who isn’t going to know something about politics and needs to know this.

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah
No. The only time the stock market CRASHED was throughout the Great Depression in the 1920s. Apart from, the economy has little to do with foreign affairs concerning 9/11.

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PostHeaderIcon effects of 2008 stock market crash?????/?

Question by : effects of 2008 stock market place crash?????/?
what were some significant things that happened soon after the stock marketplace crash in 2008

Ideal answer:

Answer by movngfwd
the effects?
Brought folks back down to Earth. Genuine Valuations for stocks, bonds and other assets.
Gave the economic system a much essential breather of actuality. (soon after 18 many years of growth). No one particular knew what things are really well worth.

Even nowadays: Traders are uncertain what issues are worth, consequently the explanation the recovery is taking so prolonged to recover. As quickly as a VISION is implemented (Obama failed to do so these past 3 years)

This subsequent election will be a tough one for both Candidates.
Obama will have a slight advantage. Except that he will have to show to the folks he can actually deliver some adjust and some vision to America.

my two cents

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: If the stock market crashes…?

Query by Dsf: If the stock market place crashes…?
Lets say I have a lot of my retirement funds invested in the stock market place and the industry crashes many years from now, does that imply all the funds I had invested in the market place is gone, or does it imply that it just took a huge dip?

Ideal answer:

Answer by Mrkingofstuff
A stock industry crash is typically considered as a double digit dip in the value of the share industry more than a quick quantity of time. I do not believe it is feasible for the worth of the entire share market to basically disappear although I believe total in 1929, the Dow Jones misplaced someplace near 90% of its value. The worth of your retirement money would be relative to what ever stocks you invested your money into and how significantly these stocks would be impacted by the overall downturn.

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PostHeaderIcon Is the stock market going to crash?

Query by katherine: Is the stock market place going to crash?
What determines a crash

Best response:

Solution by Net Advisor
Technically it has.

Normally a crash is a 20% 1 day down move in a single index. We have not had this since 1987, nonetheless the key stocks in these indexes have misplaced 35-98% of their industry cap in excess of the last 12 months, properly producing a “sliding crash.” This is exactly what happened in the 2000-2002 .com marketplace.

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PostHeaderIcon How can I cover my investment against eventual stock market crash?

Question by quest1: How can I cover my investment towards eventual stock market crash?

Ideal answer:

Reply by wonderme
Do not invest

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PostHeaderIcon Stock market crashes?

Question by Nacer: Stock market crashes?
I would like to know how come the stock market affects our economic climate so significantly. In particular, I would like to know why businesses freak out when their stocks plumet. Can anybody aid me with this?

Greatest answer:

Solution by Ryan M
Companies do not freak out when their stocks plummet…traders and shareholders do.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: I need points as to why the stock market crash of 1929 was avoidable?

Query by ┬┐Miss Question?: I need factors as to why the stock market crash of 1929 was avoidable?
I can not discover factors anyplace! I require at least five-10 factors. Please Help!

Best response:

Solution by Tom
Really, the stock market place crash of 1929 was very much similar to the crash of 2008. To commence, a lot of money used to get securities at the time was leveraged, just like it was in 2008. The improve in leveraged investments in the early 2000′s up as well 2008 were triggered by very lower interest prices as a end result for the require of rapid and low-cost borrowing of money following the devastation of 9/11. If interest charges had been greater, the banks would have believed twice to borrow so a lot cash and eventually shed it all plus interest. Also, the general optimism in the marketplace was large. In 2006, for example, individuals imagined that the American housing marketplace was booming with adequate explanation to do so, but the boom was not a reflection of sound selling of mortgages, and this ultimately lead to a when the banks realized that they have been in massive trouble. Corruption was also a dilemma. During the housing boom of the 2000′s, a lot of credit firms labeled mortgages with credit score ratings that have been far as well higher. They did this for some further money from the owners of the securities (massive banks). This was also done in the 1920′s, especially with bonds, including true estate bonds. This corrupt program lead investors to believe that they had been generating a fool-proof investment, simply because the technically had been by the credit scores of the securities they had been purchasing. All of these substantial credit scores naturally lead to substantial, obscene, and overvalued rates for the concerned securities. And, when folks realized the true value of the investments they have been distributing and getting, there was a race to promote, which drove prices down.

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PostHeaderIcon the stock market crash opinion?

Query by josh h: the stock market crash view?
In 1929 the stock industry crashed in your opinion what have been the four greatest motives and which 1 was the biggest cause and why?

Ideal reply:

Solution by chacho
I hugely doubt that we will have a crash i think the worst (9-11-2001) is behind us. I see development at two – 2.5% and inflation contained. If we can get the auto and property industries rolling yet again, we will have a robust economic climate…i predict the dow will end the year at 14000.

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PostHeaderIcon the stock market crash of 1929?

Question by Alice C: the stock market crash of 1929?
i want to make a presentation that would be a enjoyable way to educate my class about the stock industry crash of 1929 i need some great suggestions the teacher wants us to deliver an object or some thing that would interest the class and make them participate i was thinking of generating a indicator that says unemployed purchase apples five cents and bring in a couple of apples and make a student hold it and deliver in anything else that would show them as wealthy one day and unemployed the up coming good idea??? or not?

Best solution:

Response by Hapsa!!!!!!!
It in fact is a excellent thought.

Use a dramatic voice.
Dress in a costume.
Use images.
Music. – The eye of the tiger/ pink panther theme tune at the starting

practically nothing tends to make a presentation better than possessing one thing to appear at (such as pictures, videos, charts). Blow them up in shade —

At the finish you could do a trivia/quiz to see if the class has been listening.

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PostHeaderIcon how and why does stock market crash?

Query by AbB: how and why does stock marketplace crash?

Greatest solution:

Response by Rick B
When folks panic and everyone starts offering.

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