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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Dow Jones hit 10000 today. Who has a Scottrade promo code for me to sign up with for the 3 free trades?

Issue by Dow Jones: Dow Jones hit 10000 today. Who has a Scottrade promo code for me to signal up with for the 3 free of charge trades?
I’m switching to Scottrade lead to Ameritrade is also damn costly. GIVE ME A Genuine PROMO CODE Make sure you.

Very best response:

Answer by Voldemar H. Guerta
It is absolutely a great day on Wall Street.
I don’t make investments with scottrade sorry. I needed to spread the joy that the DJI is lastly in five figures.

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PostHeaderIcon How many net points has the DJI dropped since Obama got elected?

Issue by Veritas et Aequitas (): How a lot of net factors has the DJI dropped given that Obama obtained elected?

Many thanks Jeff and Steve D. I asked this in Elections by accident (yahoo default) and acquired so a lot of lectures. Thank you for your answers, which is what I essential to know.

Very best solution:

Reply by jeff410
About 1860. It opened at 9616 on November 5

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PostHeaderIcon if the dow jones goes up, is that a sign that our economy is doing better?

Query by maserati_718: if the dow jones goes up, is that a indication that our economic climate is doing greater?
what very good transpires as a outcome of the dow heading up?

Greatest reply:

Reply by Jakko
It is 1 indication.
You cannot count on the Dow Jones, since most of the time it is crazy.

A great indication is the unemployment stage: if everyone is doing work the economy is powerful, due to the fact people are generating goods and providers and they are also consuming the G/S due to the fact they have some funds.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Where can I get a real-time Free Stock Market Ticker for my desktop?

Question by kaboodle777: Exactly where can I get a real-time No cost Stock Industry Ticker for my desktop?
Hi there, I am looking for a ticker that will show me in genuine time where the marketplace is all day (Dow Jones Industrial Common, Nasdaq, S&P 500).

I am hoping to hold this on my display all through the day and do not desire to shell out. Anybody know of any areas where I can down load a thing like this?

Greatest reply:

Answer by A no one
You can not

You can you use the information supplied by your brokerae agency, but you ought to be member of an trade or a registered broker/dealer to acquire genuine time details.

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PostHeaderIcon How did the stock market crash affect lawyers?

Question by eli: How did the stock market crash affect attorneys?
Please be as detailed as feasible. I have an unattainable Amerian Heritage venture coming up and it has to do with deciding on a character level of watch to compose about throughout the Stock Industry Crash and I chose Lawyers. Support?

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Response by Net Advisor™
The stock industry crash or rise or decline has nothing at all to do with lawyers, as it does much more with economics.

Selected attorneys often sue when stocks drop sharply regardless of whether they have a legit declare or not. This was quick subsequent the .com bust of 2000. They sue all deep pockets from brokerage firms (complaining about compliance/ lack of supervision causes) and brokers (complaining unsuitable trades), to organizations (failure to alert, disclose or supplying misleading info about a company’s potential customers, and many others).

The attorneys in these class action suits are the only ones who truly make the money carrying out this. The recovery from men and women is typically really small, if any, needs a whole lot of evidence and paper operate from individuals (“class members”) who will not have that paperwork any more, nor can they easily acquire it.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: How the stock market crash of 1929 could have been prevented?

Problem by roseann: How the stock market crash of 1929 could have been prevented?
could the 1929 crash of the stock industry been prevented? How? Did the federal government do something that could have induced the stock industry to crash in the course of 1929?

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Answer by Ryan M
That reply could Simply fill a forty-fifty page term paper. There are no speedy or absolute answers to that one particular. Sorry

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