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PostHeaderIcon what is the procedure to get the historical prices the Dow Jones Industrial average (DJI) in Yahoo Finance ?

Query by thetanbill: what is the method to get the historical prices the Dow Jones Industrial typical (DJI) in Yahoo Finance ?
When I accessed the historical price tag site, there was Red lettering ‘ costs not accessible for this date’ and no matter which date I entered, there was the very same reply. The last date that I received the historical rates from this site was Might 25,07.

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Answer by alin_steglinski0
it wont let me doo it eitehr… most likely temporary dattabase failure. test back later.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Which Party Is Better for Stocks?

Query by J. P.: Which Celebration Is Better for Stocks?
During the final 120 a long time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose .seven% on the day following a Republican victory in the presidential elections although it has fallen .5% the day after a Democrat captured the White House

Nonetheless, a closer look tells a far diverse story. Over that very same 120 year period, the common annual stock market place return has totaled only 8.25% beneath Republican rule, whilst it has returned 10.85% with Democrats in power.

Over the previous 60 years, this trend has been more pronounced. The Democrats have held the presidency only 41% of that time, but below their rule the typical annual return has been 15.26%, a lot more than six percentage factors increased than the 9.01% return under Republicans.

Returns in the course of the last two administrations assistance these conclusions. The return on the market place below the Clinton administration (1992-2000) was 19% per 12 months, the highest of any president given that Calvin Coolidge led the nation in the mid 1920s.

On the contrary, the actual return so far underneath G.W. Bush has been a measly .22%, and an even worse minus two.69% return when inflation is subtracted. This return is the 2nd worst of the postwar period, exceeded only by the unfavorable 7% genuine return under the Nixon administration. In fact the Nixon and Bush Republican administrations have been the only two periods given that The Fantastic Depression when shareholders suffered immediately after-inflation losses in the stock market place.

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Solution by gardengirl

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PostHeaderIcon Sold Out,stock market crash,1929,newspaper,man

Sold Out,stock marketplace crash,1929,newspaper,man

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PostHeaderIcon How do Korean stock market stay independent from US stock market?

Query by lamvpink: How do Korean stock industry remain independent from US stock marketplace?
Korean stock market place is very linked with US stock market place. Due to subprime mortgage loan loan, Korean stock marketplace got damaged a great deal. Since subprime home loan loan, I have been interested in this for so prolonged time. Please inform me how Korean stock marketplace stay independent from US stock marketplace.

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Solution by exactduke
The simple solution is – it can not. You’ve heard of the international economic climate. Nicely there is also a international stock industry. What impacts the greatest stock market (and financial system) in the planet, also affects other stock markets. But when the u.s. marketplace goes up, it probable also helps the S Korean industry.

I recall in the 90’s, the Korean economy had a meltdown. This affected other asian economies & took down asian markets. The u.s. industry also went down in sympathy with other markets.

It would be great if political occasions & economic occasions (in other parts of the world) did not have an effect on one’s nearby industry. But in truth, it just doesn’t operate that way.

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