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PostHeaderIcon Who will replace Wachovia (WB) on the DJIA after the Wells Fargo acquisition is complete?

Query by CJ2001: Who will change Wachovia (WB) on the DJIA immediately after the Wells Fargo acquisition is total?
I guess the question says it all. Kraft Meals replaced AIG back in September, will not Wachovia leave the Dow Jones Industrial Common (DJIA) immediately after the Wells Fargo buyout is full? Any idea who will change it?


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Answer by Ksdjfsd J
live forever

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PostHeaderIcon James Montgomery Flagg,cartoon, stock market crash 1929

James Montgomery Flagg,cartoon, stock industry crash 1929

8x12in Print from a large-top quality scan of the unique.Title: On margin / James Montgomery Flagg.
Creator(s): Flagg, James Montgomery, 1877-1960, artist
Date Developed/Published: [published 1929 Nov. 15]
Summary: Illus. in: Existence, v. 94, no. 2454 (1929 Nov. 15), pp. twenty-21.
Cartoon, regarding the stock industry crash, exhibiting worried-seeking men and women reading newspaper, and smiling guy on telephone.
Stock exchanges–United States–1920-1930.
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STOCK Industry CRASH Investment South Sea Bubble of 1720 – Original Vintage Antique Print

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General dimensions of print such as blank margins: 9 x twelve three/4 inches — one inch = two,54 cm — Artist: Ward — Sort of paper:Heavier, wove — Published by: Proprietors, Virtue & Co., London, City Road and Ivy Lane — Description of the topic depicted: The topic represents Exchange Alley in 1720, and we could presume, the day on which the bubble burst. The total image is full of character, so evident as scarcely to demand pointing out : there are kinds of each and every class, from the beau in h


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PostHeaderIcon How does the housing market affect the stock market so much?

Question by Miss Yahoo: How does the housing market place have an effect on the stock market so significantly?
I heard that the housing industry getting minimal in revenue and with the forclousure market crashing, it is affecting investors so significantly that they are moving funds out of equities (stocks) and investing a lot more in safer investments. Thats why the stock industry has been down so significantly in the past week.

How does this happen? I was reading about it, but I didn’t really realize. Are traders pulling out their stocks from large lenders? How specifically does it impact the stock market? I require support comprehending it in regular terms that make sense.

Please advise, thank you!!

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Reply by Brian K
You might get a lot a lot more technical and professional solutions on here, but one particular of the primary problems is that the stock market surged way also high to commence with. The fundamentals have not changed that significantly in the final 2 years, but for some stupid cause the stocks ran up from below 12,000 to above 14,000. They got way overvalued, and this “drop” is truly far more of a correction back down to exactly where their values truly should be. It surged from 13,000 to 14,000 really, really swiftly for no great fundamentals explanation.

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PostHeaderIcon Is there a customizable stock ticker?

Question by : Is there a customizable stock ticker?
For my Economics class, I am studying the Stock Market, I want to discover a customizable stock ticker to obtain some extra points (rather of making a graph on Microsoft Excel), I want to be capable to customize the symbols (i.e. INDU= Dow Jones Industrial), NOT the color and font of actual stocks. Thanks!!

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Solution by Medical professional Deth
not most likely for free of charge

google it, check freeware internet sites

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: help no one answered my question yesterday?

Query by BAM!: aid no one particular answered my query yesterday?
when was the stock pfizer added to the dow jones? ticker is PFE
please offer a link if you have one particular. thankyou!

Finest solution:

Solution by JWilly
April 1, 2004.

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PostHeaderIcon Why would the Dow be trading down 134 points and symbol DJI be up .29%?

Question by skahhh: Why would the Dow be trading down 134 factors and symbol DJI be up .29%?
How does this make sense?

Greatest solution:

Answer by TheRustyKeg
It does not. I suspect there is one thing incorrect with the DJI quote. But technically, no 1 is trading the DJI. It is tabulated primarily based on the underlying stock rates, not on in fact getting traded itself. Probably the quote you have for the symbol is delayed.

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PostHeaderIcon Gerber 30-000016 Crucial Tool, Gray

Gerber 30-000016 Essential Instrument, Gray

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