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PostHeaderIcon Where can I get DJIA components historical EPS?

Question by ismail_iks: In which can I get DJIA components historical EPS?
I want historical complete earnings per share of DJIA components. where can I get them?

I may require information for other indices as effectively, I will not thoughts paying out for the data both.

Greatest reply:

Answer by jeff410
You can get 10 years well worth of data at but you have to download each and every stock individually. The library is usually a great area. You may be capable to download info to your laptop from a database like Value Line if you have a card.

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PostHeaderIcon How many more of these obama caused 100 point DJIA plunges can we take?

Question by Bill G IV: How many more of these obama induced a hundred level DJIA plunges can we take?
6 straight dropping weeks
Worst May in DJIA historical past
and nevertheless yet another bloodletting today

Very best solution:

Answer by apeman605
What does he care, just soaking the rich much more. Oh yea, and union pension strategies. Crap.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: where to find Detailed DJIA historical data?

Query by Existentialist: in which to discover Comprehensive DJIA historical data?
I want detailed DJIA historical data. Not just the day-to-day open and shut numbers, but specifics of its fluctuation throught the day.

Any thought exactly where I can locate it?

Greatest response:

Solution by Net Advisor past.htm

there you go.

You will not be in a position to locate daily value moments this kind of as opening and closing that far back. Usually ten years is as far as totally free data goes if that.^DJI

One particular would have to subscribe to get much more detailed historic information.

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PostHeaderIcon Super Boom: Why the Dow Jones Will Hit 38,820 and How You Can Profit From It

Super Boom: Why the Dow Jones Will Hit 38,820 and How You Can Profit From It

“As someone who views the investment glass half empty, I would typically deal with a forecasted price target for the Dow Jones Industrial of 38,820 as hyperbolic and outlandish.  That is, unless the forecaster is Jeff Hirsch!  Jeff is ‘bred in the purple’ and has royalty in his investment blood as his legendary dad, Yale Hirsch, was the dean of all technical analysts (and was the very first of his kind to accurately predict the roaring Bull Industry of 1974-1990). More importantly, Jeff’s ration

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: What is the % of global exposure within the DJIA?

Question by Ugotdav: What is the % of international publicity inside of the DJIA?
The DJIA was set up to be a large cap U.S. stock regular. With the worldwide economy, I was wondering if the worldwide organization was now reflected in the typical.

Very best solution:

Solution by Frank V
If you are a US investor and get only the DJIA indexed fund, your systematic hazards would almost certainly be inflation, interest charge risk to some degree. FX chance would be an indirect chance, because you would be a nationwide investor purchasing a national firm. The FX threat would come in terms of the type of global investments the 40 firms in the DJIA have, if these investments apreciate or depreciate. Your finest bet would be simply to maintain an eye on the common deviation close to the suggest return of the DJIA. To know if the fund has acquired any volatility. If you are a foreing investor, then you would most undoubtedly have direct FX risk. For this you would need to have to run a VAR model.

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PostHeaderIcon The History of Dow Jones

The Background of Dow Jones

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PostHeaderIcon ABC News Classics The Stock Market Crash of 1987

ABC News Classics The Stock Market Crash of 1987

It was a day that recorded the most significant percentage decline in the historical past of Wall Street: 22 percent. That was double the drop during the famed stock marketplace crash of 1929, but there have been many variations between the two events, as you will see from interviews with Charles Schwab, Robert Hormats, as nicely as ABC News reports from the opening of the Asian markets. ABC News takes you back to October 19, 1987.This item is produced on demand making use of DVD-R recordable media.’s standard r

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: How to calculate, how much each stock in the DJIA is worth?

Query by B0211: How to calculate, how much each stock in the DJIA is well worth?
I realize how to calculate, how the adjust of every single stock results the industry. (Adjust in the Stock) / Dow Divisor . But I want understand how significantly each stock is well worth in dollar value.

Finest solution:

Answer by Michael T
Every single point in each stock is really worth the price of each stock divided by the divisor. Therefore if a stock has a recent price tag of $ ten and the divisor is .1255527090, it owns about 79.66 factors in the DOW at the recent time.

So consequently a $ 10 stock has a representative worth of $ 79.66 or 7.966 shares in the dow.

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