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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Which Party Is Better for Stocks?

Query by J. P.: Which Celebration Is Better for Stocks?
During the final 120 a long time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose .seven% on the day following a Republican victory in the presidential elections although it has fallen .5% the day after a Democrat captured the White House

Nonetheless, a closer look tells a far diverse story. Over that very same 120 year period, the common annual stock market place return has totaled only 8.25% beneath Republican rule, whilst it has returned 10.85% with Democrats in power.

Over the previous 60 years, this trend has been more pronounced. The Democrats have held the presidency only 41% of that time, but below their rule the typical annual return has been 15.26%, a lot more than six percentage factors increased than the 9.01% return under Republicans.

Returns in the course of the last two administrations assistance these conclusions. The return on the market place below the Clinton administration (1992-2000) was 19% per 12 months, the highest of any president given that Calvin Coolidge led the nation in the mid 1920s.

On the contrary, the actual return so far underneath G.W. Bush has been a measly .22%, and an even worse minus two.69% return when inflation is subtracted. This return is the 2nd worst of the postwar period, exceeded only by the unfavorable 7% genuine return under the Nixon administration. In fact the Nixon and Bush Republican administrations have been the only two periods given that The Fantastic Depression when shareholders suffered immediately after-inflation losses in the stock market place.

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Solution by gardengirl

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: What Caused Liquidity Crunch? Can happen in 2007? take a look :?

Question by MISES.ORG: What Induced Liquidity Crunch? Can come about in 2007? take a look 😕
What Triggered the Liquidity Crunch?

Last week the Dow Jones industrial regular fell four.2%, the steepest drop since March 2003. Economic shares took a beating on growing proof that issues in the sub-prime mortgage marketplace are spreading, making financing the corporate purchase-outs that drove the market’s rally a lot more tough.
Numerous monetary market place participants are of the view that there is a definite deterioration in credit circumstances, which indicates less liquidity for private equity, stock purchase-backs, and company expansion. Fed officials, however, have downplayed this claim.
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on July 24 the president of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, Charles Plosser, mentioned that the present slump in the housing marketplace is not going to trigger a liquidity crunch and a consequent common financial recession. The reason for this is that banks are unlikely to curtail lending since their stability sheets are in good shape. Plosser attributes this to economic innovations (financial engineering) in the final ten to 20 years that have enabled banks to distribute significantly of the danger.
Plosser adds:
Does that say nothing negative can come about? Of course not. But it implies I’m a tiny more sanguine that that entire view of a credit crunch is most likely not as applicable now as it might have been 10 or 20 years ago…. Banks in this district are rather nutritious …. Their greatest complaint is not housing mortgage defaults and credit crunch, it is the yield curve. They’ve got funds to lend.[one]
(Banks as a rule lend at lengthy-term rates and raise funds at short-term rates. Therefore they prefer an upward sloping yield curve — when extended-term rates are higher than brief-term rates. At present the yield curve is comparatively flat, which undermines income from lending.)
Fed officials like Plosser present the latest housing slump as the outcome of irresponsible lending by mortgage brokers and several other mysterious forces. On this logic it is the part of the Fed to monitor the situation in the housing industry and, if required, to interfere in order to stop the housing slump from spilling more than to the rest of the economy.
We propose that what we are presently observing in the housing industry is the deflation of the housing bubble, which could be a precursor to a broadly spread liquidity crunch. The deflation of the bubble is the outcome of the Fed’s boom-bust monetary policies. Here is why.
We define a bubble as activity that has emerged on the back of the loose monetary policy of the central bank. In the absence of monetary pumping this form of activity would not have emerged. Since bubble actions are not self-funded, their emergence ought to come at the expense of several self-funded or productive actions. This implies that much less genuine funding is left for true wealth generators, which in turn undermines true wealth formation.
When new money is designed, its impact is not felt instantaneously across all markets. The impact moves from a single person to one more and as a result from 1 marketplace to yet another. In short, monetary pumping generates bubble activities across all markets as time goes by.
It is really most likely that the loose monetary policy of the Fed between January 2001 and June 2004 has laid the foundation for the emergence of various non-productive actions. (The federal funds rate target was lowered from six.five% to 1%.)
An easy monetary stance coupled with fractional-reserve bank lending has provided rise to an abundance of money out of “thin air.” Between Q3 2001 to Q4 2004 the typical yearly rate of development of our monetary measure AMS stood at 7.5%. This need to be contrasted with the rate of development of 2% in Q2 2001 and .9% in Q4 2000. The illusory prosperity that the bubble activities have generated in fact amounted to the consumption of genuine financial savings and to a weakening of the pool of genuine funding — the heart of genuine financial development.

Because June 2004 the Fed has reversed its monetary stance. The fed funds rate target was raised from one% to five.25% at present. In response to this the growth momentum of our monetary measure AMS has been in visible downtrend since Q4 2004. The yearly rate of growth fell from 7.1% in Q4 2004 to one.four% in Q2 2007.

The moment the Fed tightened its stance this started out to undermine numerous actions that emerged on the back of the earlier loose monetary stance. In quick, these actions have come beneath pressure.
We have witnessed that the impact of adjustments in funds supply (i.e., developing and supporting various non-productive actions) on numerous markets operates with a variable time lag. As a outcome of this, the effect from previous changes in cash provide can carry on to assert its dominance notwithstanding a lot more latest modifications in the dollars supply. (Previous loose monetary policies can nevertheless offer assistance to different bubble actions in spite of a lot more latest tight monetary stance.)
We suspect that the tighter stance considering that June 2004 is only now beginning to obtain momentum with the housing market becoming hit very first. This indicates that sooner or later the numerous other elements of the economic climate are probably to exhibit difficulties.
In brief, the fall in the development momentum of cash is going to place pressure on actions that sprang up on the back of earlier loose monetary policy. (Bear in mind that bubbles are supported by means of loose monetary policy that diverts real funding from wealth creating activities. As soon as the funds rate of development slows down, this slows the diversion of true wealth, i.e., slows down the support for these actions.)
When numerous non-productive actions start off to deflate, this tends to exert a direct and indirect impact on the quality of bank assets notwithstanding monetary innovations. Certainly once this takes place banks have a tendency to curb their lending development.
Does this imply that the United States is heading for a critical liquidity crunch and severe economic slump? We suggest that this will be dictated by the state of the pool of true funding.
If the pool of actual funding is nonetheless increasing then commercial banks are unlikely to curtail their lending — at the worst, they might minimize the rate of lending expansion. This indicates that as an alternative of being liquidated, numerous false actions may well be forced to slow down their pace of expansion.
Clearly, if commercial banks were to substantially curtail their lending then this could be indicative that the pool of actual funding at the disposal of Americans is in difficulty. Should commercial banks trim their lending it is probably to lead to a fall in dollars provide and to a liquidity crunch, all other items getting equal.
For the time being, overall commercial bank lending is still expanding even though at a slower pace. Following climbing to 11% in November last year the yearly rate of growth fell to eight.three% so far in July. (In the week ending July 18, bank loans improved by $ 23.three billion.)
An additional doable source for a liquidity crunch is the Fed’s policy of targeting the federal funds rate. In the week ending July 25, the Fed’s stability sheet (also named Fed Credit) fell by $ three.669 billion. The yearly rate of development fell to two.7% from in June and 4.two% in March.
The decline in the pace of monetary injections by the Fed could be indicative that the existing fed funds rate target of five.25% is as well large relative to financial activity. In brief, a weakening in financial activity puts downward pressure on interest rates. To shield the target of 5.25% the Fed is forced to slow down its monetary pumping.

It follows that liquidity could come below severe pressure if the Fed decides to cling to the existing fed funds rate target whilst the economic system is weakening.
We can as a result conclude that as the impact of the tighter monetary stance of the Fed given that June 2004 gains strength the probabilities for a widely spread liquidity crunch are increasing. The whole concern could further exacerbate ought to the Fed cling to the present fed funds rate target while the economy is weakening.
Frank Shostak is an adjunct scholar of the Mises Institute and a frequent contributor to He is chief economist of Man Monetary, Australia. Send him mail and see his outstanding Everyday Articles Archive.

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Answer by skincancerdoctor
when youve spent many trillion dollars on a futile war and then had very reduced interest with out curbing borrowing youve produced substantial debt. nudge interest rates up a tad and bang – suddenly noone can spend any longer. Second, trillions pouring into compulsory superannuation is developing huge upward pressure on inflation – when al that cash comes on stream prioces will go up and onylthe greys / oldies will be able to get. In the meantime some of the most incompetent and corrupt folks in the organization are handling all that money and placing it into schemes sure to fail, the running off with thier large fat commissions as it all goes bung. the ideal investment is a bunch of gardening tools – nothing else is going to be of considerably worth quickly.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Is Rupert Murdock the greatest capitalist ever?

Question by two Thumbs: Is Rupert Murdock the greatest capitalist ever?
The Rupert Murdoch machine (AKA News Corp.)…


Twentieth Century Fox
Twentieth Century Fox Español
Twentieth Century Fox International
Twentieth Century Fox Television
Fox Searchlight Photos
Fox Studios Australia
Fox Studios Baja
Fox Studios Los Angeles
Fox Television Studios

Broadcast/Production assets
20th Century Fox Tv
20th Tv
Fox Broadcasting Company
Fox International Channels Italy
Fox Kids (1990-2002)
Fox Sports Australia
Fox Telecolombia
Fox Tv Stations
Fox Television Studios
Imedi Tv
Latvijas Neatkarīgā Televīzija
TV5 Rīga

Cable Assets
Massive 10 Network (49%)
Fox Organization Network
Fox School Sports
Fox Film Channel
Fox News Channel
Fox Soccer Channel
Fox Sports Enterprises
Fox Sports en Español
Fox Sports Net
FUEL Television
FX Networks
Fox Reality
National Geographic Channel (50%)
National Geographic Channel UK (50%)
Speed Channel
LAPTV (Latin America — co-owned with Paramount Photos/Viacom, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/MGM Holdings and Universal Studios/NBC Universal)
Telecine (Brazil — co-owned with Globosat Canais, Paramount Images, MGM, Universal Studios and DreamWorks)
Immediate broadcast satellite Assets
BSkyB (39.1%)
Sky Deutschland (39.96%)
SKY Italia
SKY Network Television (43.65%)
Tata Sky (20%)

Fox Interactive Media
Rotten Tomatoes

News Digital Media
Slingshot Labs

Magazines and Inserts
donna hay
News America Advertising

Newspapers and Data Companies
United Kingdom
News International
The Sun
News of the Planet
The Times
Sunday Occasions
thelondonpaper (a free newspaper)

News Restricted
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney)
The Australian (national)
The Weekend Australian (national)
The Advertiser (Adelaide)
Sunday Mail (Adelaide)
The Sunday Times (Perth)
Herald Sun (Melbourne)
Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne)
mX (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane)
The Courier-Mail (Brisbane)
The Cairns Post (Cairns, Queensland)
Geelong Advertiser
Gold Coast Bulletin
The Mercury and Sunday Tasmanian (Hobart)
Northern Territory News (Darwin)
The Sunday Territorian (Darwin)
Australian Related Press (45%)

New Zealand
Sunday Star-Occasions Why does this link claim Sunday Star-Instances is a Fairfax-owned paper?

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Post-Courier

The Fiji Times

United States
New York Post
Community Newspaper Group
The Brooklyn Paper
Courier-Life Publications
TimesLedger Newspapers
Bronx Times Reporter Inc.

Dow Jones & Business
Buyer Media Group
The Wall Street Journal – the major US economic newspaper.
Wall Street Journal Europe
Wall Street Journal Asia
Barron’s – weekly financial markets magazine.
Marketwatch – Economic news and details website.
Far Eastern Financial Critique
Economic News
Enterprise Media Group
Dow Jones Newswires – global, actual-time news and info provider.
Factiva – supplies enterprise news and info with each other with content material delivery tools and services.
Dow Jones Indexes – stock industry indexes and indicators, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Regular.
Dow Jones Economic Information Companies — creates databases, electronic media, newsletters, conferences, directories, and other details solutions on specialised markets and industry sectors.
Betten Monetary News — major Dutch language financial and financial news service.

Neighborhood Media Group
Dow Jones Nearby Media Group (formerly Ottaway Neighborhood Newspapers) – eight everyday and 15 weekly regional newspapers.
Strategic Alliances

STOXX (33%) – joint venture with Deutsche Boerse and SWG Group for the advancement and distribution of Dow Jones STOXX indices.
Vedomosti (33%) – Russia’s top economic newspaper (joint venture with Economic Occasions and Independent Media).
SmartMoney (50%) (50%)

HarperCollins India (40%) joint venture with India These days Group
Zondervan Publishing
Youth Specialties — organisation helping youth employees globally by means of training seminars and conventions, sources and the net.
Inspirio — religious gift production.
US Television outlets (Immediate Ownership in Bold)

Birmingham – WBRC-Tv six
Huntsville – WZDX 54
Mobile – WALA-Television 10
Montgomery – WCOV-Television 20
Ozark (Dothan) – WDFX-Tv 34

Anchorage – KTBY four
Fairbanks – KFXF 7

Phoenix – KSAZ-Tv ten
Tucson – KMSB-Tv 11

Fort Smith – KFTA-Tv 24
Little Rock – KLRT-Television 16

Bakersfield – KBFX-CA 58
El Centro – KECY-Television 9
Eureka – KBVU 29
Indio (Palm Springs) – KDFX-CA 33
Los Angeles – KTTV 11

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Answer by Preeti
not confident….but immediately or indirectly he is a portion of our lives – ie he influences the way we believe and what we see. We can’t kick him out. He’ll come back.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Where can I get a real-time Free Stock Market Ticker for my desktop?

Question by kaboodle777: Exactly where can I get a real-time No cost Stock Industry Ticker for my desktop?
Hi there, I am looking for a ticker that will show me in genuine time where the marketplace is all day (Dow Jones Industrial Common, Nasdaq, S&P 500).

I am hoping to hold this on my display all through the day and do not desire to shell out. Anybody know of any areas where I can down load a thing like this?

Greatest reply:

Answer by A no one
You can not

You can you use the information supplied by your brokerae agency, but you ought to be member of an trade or a registered broker/dealer to acquire genuine time details.

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