PostHeaderIcon What would you do if the stock-market crashed?

Question by (-: What would you do if the stock-industry crashed?
What do you think would come about?

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Reply by joelle G
I think it fairly considerably did crash.

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PostHeaderIcon What caused the stock market to crash in 1929?

Query by ✯ Andrea ✯: What triggered the stock industry to crash in 1929?
Can someone dumb it down and tell me why it crashed? I’ve looked it up but even now don’t recognize.

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Answer by lwhhow
Background and economics typically puts it down to as normal….
Lack of regulation.
Corruption/ irresponsible gambling in trading.
Getting stocks ‘on credit’ (margin) where the buyers are already deep in debt and can’t ever pay out the credit score back.
This behavior varieties….’a bubble’….couple of principles, no laws, tons of cheaters, tons of risky gamblers, driving charges fake way up, and everybody ‘buying’ issues with out ‘money’ but on ‘credit’ never intended to be paid back.
‘Bubbles’ are a effectively identified element of the effectively known….’boom bust unregulated company cycle’…

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Questions about stock market if it crashes again like N 1929?

Question by kingetula: Questions about stock industry if it crashes once again like N 1929?
Curious to know how the rich stayed rich in the course of the depression. (Did they pull out all their funds ahead of the crash?) Was the cash worthless back then as I really feel it will be this time around (Trillions in debt and inflation is going to kill the dollar).

Also if I invest in GOLD stock how do I collect if the stock market place crashes and the second Excellent Depression hits? Gold would sky rocket but if our cash is not worth the paper to print it on what very good is collecting from gold stocks anyway?

How is Wachovia financial institution carrying out these days? Would they survive a collapse like the first depression? What banks will make it via a second depression? I realize Government does not want to tell us this info to preserve a panic from starting so I am researching myself.

I would like to use this illustration to get my level across. Let us say the 12 months is 1925 to 1927 (Just before the fantastic depression) being aware of what we know now what type of guidance would you give the typical guy back then if you could travel in time for only 5 minutes and only warn one man or woman? For example some individuals manufactured it via just fine but how? What would you tell other folks back then to do just before the crash so that they have been ready and did not suffer?

I could be wrong but I see doom on the horizon and I would like to prepare myself for the worse situation Situation. You might call me crazy or tell me it will never ever take place and that is fine but I am curious what an individual these days should do (Financially ) if we knew the 2nd depression was only months to a year away.

Of program spend off debt, stock up on foods, barter and so on… Just curious how I should move my income so when the dollar is worth I nevertheless have currency to remain wealthy. I know people say to acquire Gold and that is fine but that does not stop folks from understanding you have it and taking it. Let’s say we are 6 months into a depression and you are recognized for getting stuff with gold you will turn out to be marked as a target.

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Solution by
You would have to establish which assets may possibly go up, or go down significantly less, compared to currency. If you consider gold, you wouldn’t personal the stock, but the hard asset itself – gold coin, acquiring it now. Identical as if you believed land or wine or no matter what would hold its worth or go up. Currency and stock would go down, you’d promote your physical assets later on.

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PostHeaderIcon Stock market crash???????????

Question by T-DUB: Stock market crash???????????
I received a e-mail yesterday telling me to sell my stocks b/c its about to crash what do you guys feel??

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Solution by americanfreeman
will not read spam e-mails

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: How to be prepared if the stock market crashes?

Query by Lost in a sea of faces: How to be prepared if the stock industry crashes?
I read through somewhere the other day that the stock market place might crash sooner than what we feel (like this week….) i dont know how real it is or anything at all.. but i genuinely want to be ready. I want real answers…. I want to know whats the best way to be ready? do we prepare as if we have been for a all-natural disaster (hurricane/tornado)? or what? i did go through that we’re supposed to get out all of our money in the banking institutions…. is it ideal to consider it all out before it takes place? or following?– i dont quite understand. anyways.. generally i need to have info, as to.. if the stock marketplace crashed tomorrow, then what do i do to be prepared?
Thanks in advance!
nope, i was in junior higher when Y2K arrived, and i didnt even know that there was a panic… now that im a bit older, im attempting to find out what i want to be worried about and such.
and nope.. i dont have more that 250k… i want…

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Solution by SmartA$ $
you don’t require to do anything at all.

Your financial institution is FDIC insured to $ 250,000 per man or woman. So if you have significantly less than $ 250 in the bank, there is no reason to consider your income out.

Just go to operate like normal, collect your paycheck and shell out your bills. the value of your 401k will go down on paper, but trip it out and let it come back up when the industry recovers.

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PostHeaderIcon what was the stock market crash of 1929?

Query by Ghg: what was the stock market crash of 1929?
what was the stock industry crash of 1929

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Reply by Martell
This is not quite definitive, but there was a fantastic deal of speculation in the stock market and not a lot regulation. It was like a tower made of cards that last but not least collapsed from its personal weight. The stocks weren’t really worth the paper they have been printed on, and there was no “back-up” technique to support the economic system. When the economic climate crashed, so did the work market place. Guys have been unable to discover jobs, nation wide! Unemployment I think was around twenty% (That looks terrible substantial, but that’s what I bear in mind…) I bear in mind Hobos (males with no jobs) would jump off the freight cars in my property town, and come down the alleys in back of our residence and call out, “Is the lady of the house in?” Mom would usually consider out what ever food she had to give them–most typically home created bread. They had been constantly polite and had been on their way out to the West Coast exactly where it was rumored that ship yards were currently being built and that there have been jobs out there. Interestingly in all that need to have, there was By no means ANY THEFT! Folks never ever even locked their doors! I consider that governmental rules have been put into location to regulate the stock market place from then on, and then the economic climate started rebuilding–notably as war clouds had been forming over the Pacific and in Europe once again!

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PostHeaderIcon How did the stock market “crash”?

Question by yellowhummin217: How did the stock market “crash”?
I’m desperately attempting to realize the stock industry and the Excellent Depression, so my question is this: What, precisely, is a stock market “crash,” and how did/does it come about? Explain this to me like you would with a mentally retarded initial-grader.

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Response by kitz
The illuminati elitists employed the Fed.Reserve to do it.Won’t uncover that in any history books,however.

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PostHeaderIcon probability of stock market crash in 2010?

Question by Olivia: probability of stock industry crash in 2010?
using math, what are the chances?

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Solution by jbsikes

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: If a stock market crash occurs, is it the perfect time to invest?

Question by gsupernova: If a stock industry crash takes place, is it the excellent time to invest?

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Solution by qwerty
It truly is the perfect time for extended-phrase investment.

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PostHeaderIcon Question regarding stock market crash?

Question by Mike: Query relating to stock industry crash?
Considering that the stock market place cycles why never people sell when they see they created a massive achieve and leave with the profit? Why do individuals leave their income in the stock following it helps make a significant obtain as an alternative of promoting it. Due to the fact then when the market place crashes they shed it and probably most of their funds when it crashes. Why not get low and then promote once you make a decent revenue as an alternative of letting your funds keep in hopes of greater gains, when you know the stock market place is going to crash. If i am incorrect about this whole crash cycle and investment strategy please proper me. I recognize that with this technique you may not completely capitalize on any company, but won’t you nonetheless make decent gains in profit and shed less money?
i like your website link paul but isn’t going to it just go to prove traders rely so considerably much more on emotion rather than logic

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Solution by Paul
Here’s why

Re: your addition, yes, it does. The average investor, not speaking about skilled funds managers, even even though numerous of them have a tendency to “follow the herd” tends to be managed by the two major factors of the industry = worry and greed. Too a lot of misplaced their asses cause they offered at or near the bottom final year. If they had held on, they would have had the rise back to the degree we are now at. The thing is, most average individuals will do fairly significantly what the chart suggests, wait till euphoria is at its peak to buy in, only to see the market fall once again.

There is a couple of old sayings really worth remembering

When everybody is working for the doors, the sensible cash is running back in.

Acquire what is low cost, promote what’s expensive.

Promote on euphoria, get on concern.

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