PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Is the stock market crashing?

Question by bert: Is the stock market crashing?

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Answer by Brett M
I thnk it isn’t anywhere close to crashing, but I would not maintain my cash in it at the second. But then again, I have been incorrect before. You must believe about consulting Yahoo Finance as they have thorough details on just about anything at all you want to know about. A crash is when the industry wipes people out like in the 1920s. A economic downturn is when the folks withdrawing money outnumber those putting funds in, resulting in a economic downturn extended phrase. This is much more likely the 10% correction that several market gurus have been predicting. It is only begun, but will not be permanent.

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PostHeaderIcon Stock market crashes again before 2008 ends or soon?

Question by E W: Stock market crashes once again prior to 2008 ends or quickly?
Will stock market place crash again following Oct and Nov’s large falls? When will possible be taking place?

I am stuck, in search of for logical and sensual answers and suggestions.

Thanks a million!

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Answer by adp_14
I believe we’ll get by way of the end of the 12 months, but you will see a whole lot of retailers begin to go out of company right after christmas, and this could trigger an additional down leg as individuals realize the ramifications this will have for banks by means of debt and business real estate publicity.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: how many more points until the stock market crashes?

Question by Zilla: how numerous more points till the stock market crashes?
how numerous points is considered the bottom of the barrel in the stock markets? how many more factors until the stock market place crashes?

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Answer by Subhankar
Great question. If any 1 knew the answer, he would grow to be the up coming Buffett!

The bottom will be identified only after the stock marketplace begins to rise again.


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PostHeaderIcon Is the worst of the U.S. stock market crash over?

Question by sQuirrel: Is the worst of the U.S. stock industry crash over?
I know it is impossible to predict, but what are the financial professionals saying – and do you think they are providing their trustworthy opinion (and not just striving to get individuals to pump cash in stocks)?

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Response by Genuine Estate Man
The marketplace did not crash.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Does the Stock Market Crash Today?

Query by EndlessMountain: Does the Stock Marketplace Crash Today?
It is midnight and the dow is -330 already. Do we have 1 of people -800 or -1200 days?

We are due for a enormous promote off appropriate now as the market has been in a range and it is only a matter of time before the dow goes beneath 5,000 and 2,000 based mostly on analysis from Peter Schiff and excellent youtubers like VisionVictory, ManofTruth and SupaFaith.

If it is going to be 1 of people -800 or worse days, then possibly acquiring some SDS SKF or DXD perhaps the action for the day.

What do you consider, DOW -one thousand today?

Peace every person

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Response by toledojeeper
Yes,promote sell,I want a one thousand level drop Friday!Ignorant Americans deserve to shed their income like I am going to drop my pension and home!
You beat I am bitter,I hope all Americans take it in the rear tomorrow.I do not care any longer,if men and women consider the car companies will come back from a bankruptcy they are kidding themselves.I see a lot of empty homes quickly and higher unemployment.

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PostHeaderIcon What caused the stock market crash of 1929?

Question by dilbert124: What caused the stock market crash of 1929?

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Solution by Joan808Boundz
The stock market crash of 1929 if what began The Wonderful Depression…

As well several individuals making an attempt to promote stockNo 1 was buying so that is how it crashed,
that is how Black tuesday became to what it is, now it is named black friday.

Hope this aided…

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: How does a stock market “crash”?

Question by Rachel: How does a stock marketplace “crash”?
I understand the gist of it getting that it led to the depression and blah-dee-blah-dee-blah but im not understanding the the entire “crash” element. Did it truly “crash”? Or what?

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Solution by J C
A stock market “crashes” when the value of stocks drops extremely fast in a quite quick time. The potential causes for this are as well complicated and numerous to title. 1 trigger is that anything happens that causes a great deal of folks to panic, and there are numerous a lot more individuals striving to promote than there are folks attempting to get.

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PostHeaderIcon Stock market crash implifications to the economy?

Query by woodyboy12: Stock market place crash implifications to the economic system?
i was asking yourself due to the stock market fall of 5% what implications would this have to the economic climate?

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Solution by fastcarceo25
Personally, I believe we are in a recession. The dollar is weakened and if the industry continues to get pounded we may possibly be facing a worse economic downturn and probably depression.

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PostHeaderIcon How do we know if the stock market crashes?

Question by angie h: How do we know if the stock industry crashes?
Forgive me for my ignorance on this. I have read through where individuals actually think that it did crash Monday. Do we depend on ove GOV to inform us? All I know is it is so negative my household use to get by just fine and now we are struggling just to get by with food.My husbands hrs hold receiving minimize since there is no perform. We do not qualify for any support both. I had read somewhere, many months ago that the Gov. actually has predicted a crash in Sept. But it was stored secret. Im just concerned about the economic system…..
To the individual who stated I sounded uneducated, that might be correct. But none the less a rude comment. I am finding out about organization and law in my programs Im taking in university now. But thank you for your comment.

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Answer by The Napster
Crash is just a term. Some may possibly say a down day is a crash some may possibly say its a great purchasing oppertunity. When stocks go down you purchase when they go up you sell.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: what was the effect of the stock market crash on businessmen ?Movie stars?

Query by sierra m: what was the effect of the stock industry crash on businessmen ?Film stars?

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Solution by sk8trmom51
The stock market crash in 1929 impacted the middle class most harshly, odd as that may appear.

The purpose for this is because the rich were insulated (and you can consist of most of the properly-known movie stars in that category) by their funds–if you had lots of it you could trip out the storm, and the poor were previously used to the coping approaches that a lifetime of poverty had taught them. Preserve in mind that, until finally Franklin Roosevelt was elected in 1932, there was no type of governmental “security net,” and the bad have been dependent on churches and personal charities. Admirable although the efforts had been, they just were not adequate to help everyone who needed it.

The middle class, then, felt the brunt of the crisis. Not like the rich, they did not have a nice stash of cash (and other assets in the form of artwork, antiques, genuine estate and such)–specifically when the banks failed–and, possessing typically had a more comfortable existence than the bad, had fewer capabilities for coping with the economic change.

The males often misplaced their jobs due to the fact the companies they worked for had misplaced a whole lot in the stock market place, or at least had to get both pay out cuts or reduced hours. Some females were forced to seem for work outdoors the residence, and a lot of of them had handful of capabilities other than homemaking–bear in mind, back in the days 70 or 80 years ago, women had been expected to marry and have youngsters and usually didn’t find out much a lot more than cooking, sewing, and other abilities that would put together them to manage their properties. In fact, many girls of the middle class at that time did not receive any submit-secondary education, and women of the operating class usually didn’t even finish substantial school.

There you have it in a nutshell.

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