PostHeaderIcon James Montgomery Flagg,cartoon, stock market crash 1929

James Montgomery Flagg,cartoon, stock industry crash 1929

8x12in Print from a large-top quality scan of the unique.Title: On margin / James Montgomery Flagg.
Creator(s): Flagg, James Montgomery, 1877-1960, artist
Date Developed/Published: [published 1929 Nov. 15]
Summary: Illus. in: Existence, v. 94, no. 2454 (1929 Nov. 15), pp. twenty-21.
Cartoon, regarding the stock industry crash, exhibiting worried-seeking men and women reading newspaper, and smiling guy on telephone.
Stock exchanges–United States–1920-1930.
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STOCK Industry CRASH Investment South Sea Bubble of 1720 – Original Vintage Antique Print

  • Steel engraving – Authentic vintage antique print
  • Year of printing: est. 1860s
  • Issue:Superb
  • Fine Quality Print

General dimensions of print such as blank margins: 9 x twelve three/4 inches — one inch = two,54 cm — Artist: Ward — Sort of paper:Heavier, wove — Published by: Proprietors, Virtue & Co., London, City Road and Ivy Lane — Description of the topic depicted: The topic represents Exchange Alley in 1720, and we could presume, the day on which the bubble burst. The total image is full of character, so evident as scarcely to demand pointing out : there are kinds of each and every class, from the beau in h


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