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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: How did the US depression and stock market crash affect canada?

Query by Brittany.xox: How did the US depression and stock market place crash affect canada?
how did the us depression and stock industry crash influence canada?

Ideal solution:

Answer by yellowstonedogs
The 1 from 1929 – 1939?
The Fantastic Depression impacted not just the US, but the entire globe!

In pre-depression many years, (among 1919 and 1929), Canada had the world’s quickest expanding economic climate, with only a sharp but short recession throughout the 1st Planet War.
The 1920s had been an specifically productive time period of growth, with living specifications enhancing remarkably.

Then, Canada was hit tough by the Wonderful Depression.
* Amongst 1929 and 1939, the gross nationwide merchandise dropped 43% (compared to 37% in the US).

* Unemployment reached 27% at the depth of the Depression in 1933.

* Many businesses closed, as corporate profits of $ 396 million in 1929 turned into losses of $ 98 million in 1933.

* Families noticed most or all of their assets disappear and their debts turn out to be heavier as prices fell.

* Canadian exports shrank by 50% from 1929 to 1933.

Although all of Canada suffered greatly, the regions and communities hit hardest have been people dependent on major industries this kind of as farming, mining and logging, simply because commodity charges plummeted all around the globe.
Thus, the 3 Prairie provinces, exactly where the wheat economy collapsed, and the municipalities in which mining and logging had been a mainstay noticed the greatest reduce in per capita cash flow in between 1928 and 1933.

More details on it right here:

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PostHeaderIcon How do natural disasters affect the stock market?

Question by Paige: How do natural disasters affect the stock market?
I am working on an economics project, and I am supposed to write a paper about how natural disasters affect the stock market. While I find many websites talking about it and debating over the matter, I cannot find any straight forward answers. If you have any information I would love to hear it, along with any sources that you may provide :) thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by John
“I cannot find any straight forward answers.”

That’s because the issue is complex and you are being asked to write a paper that is full of nuance. Some thoughts:
a) Natural disasters are usually pretty local and broad measures of stock markets are very geographically diverse,

b) Natural disasters affect concentrated population areas more than sparsely populated ones. Japan gets more than its share of disasters and the stock market sometimes gets clubbed by them, i.e., Kobe earthquake and the tsunami.

c) There are potential natural disasters that could wipe out the economy and thus destroy the stock market. For example, huge asteroid hit or an eruption of Yellowstone caldera could cause the US stock market to be annihilated. We just havent had those yet.

d) Natural disasters should not raise risk premia as we surely know they are possible and having one doesn’t make another one more likely.

e) Natural disasters can destroy some markets and some means of production which can affect future earnings.

I think you could start with those points and put together a decent essay, no?

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PostHeaderIcon Did the stock market crash because the banks were failing? How do failing stocks affect the economy?

Query by ambermckayla: Did the stock market crash because the banks have been failing? How do failing stocks impact the economic system?
In phrases that I will be capable to comprehend, can anyone describe to me the correlation in between the banks, the housing crisis, and the stock market. And how does the stock marketplace impact the economic system itself? I am just starting to recognize what the stock industry is, so numbers and figures are really not beneficial.

Finest answer:

Solution by Ian Brett Cooper
Basically it comes down to this:

one. Banking institutions loaned cash or gave credit score to so-called ‘high risk’ folks who have been much less very likely to shell out their debts, hoping that they would run into trouble and be forced to shell out a higher interest rate on the loans and increase the profitability of the loan.

2. As an alternative of becoming in a position to shell out when the interest charges improved, plenty of these individuals have been unable to continue to pay out the larger interest payments, so they defaulted on their loans and were forced into bankruptcy.

three. The banks, who anticipated customers to preserve spending the large interest, had been faced with credit score cards and loans that were losing income due to massive amounts of bankruptcy.

four. The banking institutions had no funds to loan to property consumers.

five. As companies get into deeper credit difficulty, they start off laying men and women off in an try to lower costs. As they lose cash, the stock industry, which is essentially a betting shop primarily based on confidence in organizations, is filled with men and women promoting their stock.

six. As the stock prices go down, the firms are perceived as being well worth significantly less. That signifies they will not be ready to get loans as simply. In order to cease this, a organization might lay off even a lot more individuals in an hard work to seem a lot more worthwhile.

The outcome – people and businesses owe much more interest than they can pay, businesses go under, the housing industry collapses, banks go under, the stock market crashes, unemployment goes via the roof producing a vicious circle (i.e. even a lot more men and women defaulting on credit and loans) that could have (and nevertheless could) end result in a 1929-fashion crash.

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PostHeaderIcon Why did the stock market crash in 1929 affect all Americans rather than only those who owned stocks?

Query by :): Why did the stock market place crash in 1929 influence all Americans rather than only those who owned stocks?
Why did the stock market place crash in 1929 affect all Americans instead than only individuals who owned stocks?
For your details, I do do my very own homework, I just don’t recognize how the book explains it. Thanks for currently being so polite about it tho [to the initial person who answered this question]

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Solution by GoAskJo
do your personal homework

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PostHeaderIcon How does the housing market affect the stock market so much?

Question by Miss Yahoo: How does the housing market place have an effect on the stock market so significantly?
I heard that the housing industry getting minimal in revenue and with the forclousure market crashing, it is affecting investors so significantly that they are moving funds out of equities (stocks) and investing a lot more in safer investments. Thats why the stock industry has been down so significantly in the past week.

How does this happen? I was reading about it, but I didn’t really realize. Are traders pulling out their stocks from large lenders? How specifically does it impact the stock market? I require support comprehending it in regular terms that make sense.

Please advise, thank you!!

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Reply by Brian K
You might get a lot a lot more technical and professional solutions on here, but one particular of the primary problems is that the stock market surged way also high to commence with. The fundamentals have not changed that significantly in the final 2 years, but for some stupid cause the stocks ran up from below 12,000 to above 14,000. They got way overvalued, and this “drop” is truly far more of a correction back down to exactly where their values truly should be. It surged from 13,000 to 14,000 really, really swiftly for no great fundamentals explanation.

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PostHeaderIcon How did the stock market crash affect lawyers?

Question by eli: How did the stock market crash affect attorneys?
Please be as detailed as feasible. I have an unattainable Amerian Heritage venture coming up and it has to do with deciding on a character level of watch to compose about throughout the Stock Industry Crash and I chose Lawyers. Support?

Very best answer:

Response by Net Advisor™
The stock industry crash or rise or decline has nothing at all to do with lawyers, as it does much more with economics.

Selected attorneys often sue when stocks drop sharply regardless of whether they have a legit declare or not. This was quick subsequent the .com bust of 2000. They sue all deep pockets from brokerage firms (complaining about compliance/ lack of supervision causes) and brokers (complaining unsuitable trades), to organizations (failure to alert, disclose or supplying misleading info about a company’s potential customers, and many others).

The attorneys in these class action suits are the only ones who truly make the money carrying out this. The recovery from men and women is typically really small, if any, needs a whole lot of evidence and paper operate from individuals (“class members”) who will not have that paperwork any more, nor can they easily acquire it.

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