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PostHeaderIcon Could capitalism survive a massive selloff in stocks down to DJI level of say 4000?

Query by skahhh: Could capitalism survive a huge selloff in stocks down to DJI level of say 4000?

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Answer by engineer50
Yes – its took place ahead of.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: What do you think of the DJIA going down again today, even with debt deal, since 0bama is doing a terrible job?

Query by Pat: What do you feel of the DJIA going down once again nowadays, even with financial debt deal, given that 0bama is undertaking a terrible job?
… and continues his function of treating anyone that creates or functions in a non-government occupation as the enemy ?

His excuse for the DJIA declining more than the past couple of weeks was the uncertainty more than the financial debt restrict. That has been settled. Shouldn’t there have been about a 400 point bounce ?

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Solution by Bolide ⌡shinning bacon of hope…⌠
Since the Dow-Jones is now a element of faux news, I no longer believe it to be a trustworthy measure of something. Why do you carry on to take it as a thing really worth spending interest to?

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PostHeaderIcon Why would the Dow be trading down 134 points and symbol DJI be up .29%?

Question by skahhh: Why would the Dow be trading down 134 factors and symbol DJI be up .29%?
How does this make sense?

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Answer by TheRustyKeg
It does not. I suspect there is one thing incorrect with the DJI quote. But technically, no 1 is trading the DJI. It is tabulated primarily based on the underlying stock rates, not on in fact getting traded itself. Probably the quote you have for the symbol is delayed.

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