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PostHeaderIcon Where can I find evidence of Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus used in the stock market?

Question by : Where can I locate proof of Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus employed in the stock market place?
I want to create a Thematic Unit on the Stock Marketplace. The concentrate is on higher school math but have to be interdisciplinary. I believe the stock marketplace is exciting and has to contain much more sophisticated mathematics then just just multiplying, dividing, or computing curiosity. Support!

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Solution by vekkus4

It reminds me of an solution I wrote a couple of days ago about a forward moving regular.

When analysts try to build a forecasting model to figure out how stock rates are going to modify in the subsequent couple of days, 1 of the techniques is anything like this

Hypothesize that a provided curve A from stock measurements are going to predict a target curve B. These are the two functions of time.

Draw the graph of A and the graph of B

Next see if you can translate the graph of A so it fits the graph of B at a later time.

A(t) is a single perform of time and B(t) is the perform to match it with.

One factor to speak about is how to measure the goodness of the match. This has geometry in it relatively. It can lead to least squares which is geometrical in a area where the dimension is the number of points the place it the curves are in contrast. This can get you towards Hilbert spaces or Banach spaces somewhat also.

There are diverse metrics to compare the curves. Absolute worth of the big difference, highest big difference, indicate square distinction, and other averages can be utilised.

Clearly you want to translate the graph of A forward, A'(t) = A(t-d) so for example if d=two A'(2) = A() so the graph of A’ is the graph of A shifted forward two days into the long term.

For me the point that I could in no way figure out, if you attempt to google for stock industry data you get a good deal of nonsense and not very significantly stock industry information – you may possibly have far better luck, or inquire a reference librarian or something. I read recently a lot of macroeconomic data was produced accessible in 2007 that was not offered just before that, due to the expert economists collectively producing a huge mistake of some type (housing market place I believe).

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: where to find Detailed DJIA historical data?

Query by Existentialist: in which to discover Comprehensive DJIA historical data?
I want detailed DJIA historical data. Not just the day-to-day open and shut numbers, but specifics of its fluctuation throught the day.

Any thought exactly where I can locate it?

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Solution by Net Advisor past.htm

there you go.

You will not be in a position to locate daily value moments this kind of as opening and closing that far back. Usually ten years is as far as totally free data goes if that.^DJI

One particular would have to subscribe to get much more detailed historic information.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Is there anywhere I can find a list of the Stocks in the DJIA arrangend from high to low?

Query by Zak R: Is there anyplace I can uncover a checklist of the Stocks in the DJIA arrangend from substantial to minimal?
The 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Regular listed with the highest priced stock listed very first and the lowest priced stock listed final.
Ideally the kist would also consist of the latestes dividend (if there was one particular)
I want to make my personal version of the typical.

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Answer by Old Guy
Yahoo Finance.

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PostHeaderIcon Where can I find a list of all the stocks/securities listed on European exchanges?

Question by : Exactly where can I find a checklist of all the stocks/securities listed on European exchanges?
Ideally with the Yahoo! Finance ticker symbol ^DJI for dow jones for instance.

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Answer by Trade Although You Golf
UK leading stocks (FTSE a hundred components):

Germany leading stocks (DAX elements):

France top stocks (CAC40 parts):

and so on for every nation you are interested in.

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