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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: Help on current economic crisis and stock market crash of 2008 questions?

Question by s t e v i e: Support on current financial crisis and stock marketplace crash of 2008 queries?
How have each of the following subjects contributed to the stock industry crash of 2008 and the subsequent financial crisis and recession?

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999
Housing Bubble
Brief Selling
Purchasing on Margin
Subprime/adjustable price mortgages

Thank you!

Greatest solution:

Response by mac
The GLB Act repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1932 and allowed industrial banking institutions to behave like investment banking institutions.

Teh Housing Bubble started out in 2007 when individuals who couldn’t afford mortgages have been offered adjustable rate mortgage ARM and at some point foreclosed.

Short Promoting is a Wall Street approach to take advantage of a stock going down and it’s a bet that stocks would go down even more

Buying on a margin I feel is a hedge bet

Subprime/adjustable prices change if the mortgage taker fails to spend on time.

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PostHeaderIcon Help with understanding the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Query by Ridwan: Help with comprehending the Dow Jones Industrial Regular?
I have heard about this in college but I have completely NO CLUE on what any of it signifies.
I’ve been viewing the news and i heard the DJI dropped like 600+ factors

My query is does the factors represent?
How can it just drop 600 out of nowhere?

Greatest response:

Response by Jeff
The Dow Jones Index is produced up of the 30 (usually) greatest companies in diverse fields in the US. One more words there’s only one airline, 1 chemical, 1 car and so on. The single quantity you see is, quite simplistically, an addition of all their stock costs. (They mathmatically alter for stock splits, modifications when a organization drops off and new one is extra.) So if all thirty companies drop 20 points (once more very simplistically) on any given day you have a 600 pt drop in the Dow Jones. It kind of displays you what the market place as a whole is undertaking.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: help no one answered my question yesterday?

Query by BAM!: aid no one particular answered my query yesterday?
when was the stock pfizer added to the dow jones? ticker is PFE
please offer a link if you have one particular. thankyou!

Finest solution:

Solution by JWilly
April 1, 2004.

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PostHeaderIcon Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500?! Please help!?

Query by hi123: Dow Jones Industrial Typical and S&P 500?! Please assist!?
If each and every company that created up the Dow Jones Common increased the amount of their shares outstanding by 10%, but the share costs did not alter, what would transpire to the value of the index?
A. improve by ten%
B. not transform
C. Lessen
D. Increase, but by less than ten%

Considering the S&P 500 Index, if every single company’s stock cost enhanced by ten%, the weights in the index would:
A. Continue to be the exact same
B. The businesses with the most shares outstanding would have even greater excess weight after the enhance.

Ideal answer:

Answer by BenGraham
The answer to your 1st query is C. Your second query doesn’t make sense.

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