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PostHeaderIcon How much money do I need to start with to invest in the stock market?

Question by xRobert54: How considerably cash do I need to begin with to invest in the stock marketplace?
Okay so first off, I am new and extremely curious about investing money in the stock market place. I have some funds saved and I was pondering if placing it in the stock market place was a great concept. I am in addition looking for a way to place my income someplace where I can see it grow. Where is the ideal area to get stocks from? How does it really perform when you get stocks and earn dividends from the stocks? or how often do the firms pay dividends? A short overview of investing would be useful! I’ve been looking on the internet but cannot actually appear to genuinely comprehend. Any info would be excellent thanks!

Best answer:

Reply by cornflake#one
Ahead of you start off throwing income away on some random stock, you require to make oneself mindful of some of the guidelines.

Go to your neighborhood lending library and uncover a beginners book on the stock market place

If you just take some random stranger’s tips – take into account the potential value to you

In throwing your cash at a random stock which you haven’t researched, you are a lot more probably to drop your money than make a lot more. The far more educated you are about the dangers, the much better your chances of making money.

Go find a very good book to understand from – and beware of spammers and shysters who will consider to component a fool from their income.

Hehe – I’m a random stranger – but I’m 1 of the great guys!

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PostHeaderIcon How much money made you rich back before the stock market crash?

Query by Courtney Perkins: How significantly income manufactured you rich back before the stock marketplace crash?
I am viewing Titanic and I am wonder how considerably the 1st class folks manufactured, or what was wealthy for them? Right now it’s millions or even billions but what it the identical back then or what? Also what about right after the stock market crash, like in the 40’s. Just curious :)

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Solution by Ed Atun
It would have been a million dollars…. that would have incorporated real estate.

Now “rich” normally indicates funds not like true estate.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: How to calculate, how much each stock in the DJIA is worth?

Query by B0211: How to calculate, how much each stock in the DJIA is well worth?
I realize how to calculate, how the adjust of every single stock results the industry. (Adjust in the Stock) / Dow Divisor . But I want understand how significantly each stock is well worth in dollar value.

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Answer by Michael T
Every single point in each stock is really worth the price of each stock divided by the divisor. Therefore if a stock has a recent price tag of $ ten and the divisor is .1255527090, it owns about 79.66 factors in the DOW at the recent time.

So consequently a $ 10 stock has a representative worth of $ 79.66 or 7.966 shares in the dow.

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PostHeaderIcon How does the housing market affect the stock market so much?

Question by Miss Yahoo: How does the housing market place have an effect on the stock market so significantly?
I heard that the housing industry getting minimal in revenue and with the forclousure market crashing, it is affecting investors so significantly that they are moving funds out of equities (stocks) and investing a lot more in safer investments. Thats why the stock industry has been down so significantly in the past week.

How does this happen? I was reading about it, but I didn’t really realize. Are traders pulling out their stocks from large lenders? How specifically does it impact the stock market? I require support comprehending it in regular terms that make sense.

Please advise, thank you!!

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Reply by Brian K
You might get a lot a lot more technical and professional solutions on here, but one particular of the primary problems is that the stock market surged way also high to commence with. The fundamentals have not changed that significantly in the final 2 years, but for some stupid cause the stocks ran up from below 12,000 to above 14,000. They got way overvalued, and this “drop” is truly far more of a correction back down to exactly where their values truly should be. It surged from 13,000 to 14,000 really, really swiftly for no great fundamentals explanation.

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