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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: I need points as to why the stock market crash of 1929 was avoidable?

Query by ¿Miss Question?: I need factors as to why the stock market crash of 1929 was avoidable?
I can not discover factors anyplace! I require at least five-10 factors. Please Help!

Best response:

Solution by Tom
Really, the stock market place crash of 1929 was very much similar to the crash of 2008. To commence, a lot of money used to get securities at the time was leveraged, just like it was in 2008. The improve in leveraged investments in the early 2000’s up as well 2008 were triggered by very lower interest prices as a end result for the require of rapid and low-cost borrowing of money following the devastation of 9/11. If interest charges had been greater, the banks would have believed twice to borrow so a lot cash and eventually shed it all plus interest. Also, the general optimism in the marketplace was large. In 2006, for example, individuals imagined that the American housing marketplace was booming with adequate explanation to do so, but the boom was not a reflection of sound selling of mortgages, and this ultimately lead to a when the banks realized that they have been in massive trouble. Corruption was also a dilemma. During the housing boom of the 2000’s, a lot of credit firms labeled mortgages with credit score ratings that have been far as well higher. They did this for some further money from the owners of the securities (massive banks). This was also done in the 1920’s, especially with bonds, including true estate bonds. This corrupt program lead investors to believe that they had been generating a fool-proof investment, simply because the technically had been by the credit scores of the securities they had been purchasing. All of these substantial credit scores naturally lead to substantial, obscene, and overvalued rates for the concerned securities. And, when folks realized the true value of the investments they have been distributing and getting, there was a race to promote, which drove prices down.

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: how many more points until the stock market crashes?

Question by Zilla: how numerous more points till the stock market crashes?
how numerous points is considered the bottom of the barrel in the stock markets? how many more factors until the stock market place crashes?

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Answer by Subhankar
Great question. If any 1 knew the answer, he would grow to be the up coming Buffett!

The bottom will be identified only after the stock marketplace begins to rise again.


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PostHeaderIcon how many points more to be considered a stock market crash?

Query by ello!: how many factors a lot more to be regarded a stock industry crash?
if we are at around -583 now. how several points far more do we have to go down to be considered a stock marketplace crash or “wall street crash”? do you consider it will come about this week?

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Reply by mo
Not confident of an precise quantity. Issues are undesirable however.

The Feds pumped $ 630 billion into the economic program right now anyways. Borrowed much more cash…

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PostHeaderIcon Why would the Dow be trading down 134 points and symbol DJI be up .29%?

Question by skahhh: Why would the Dow be trading down 134 factors and symbol DJI be up .29%?
How does this make sense?

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Answer by TheRustyKeg
It does not. I suspect there is one thing incorrect with the DJI quote. But technically, no 1 is trading the DJI. It is tabulated primarily based on the underlying stock rates, not on in fact getting traded itself. Probably the quote you have for the symbol is delayed.

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PostHeaderIcon DOES ANYONE KNOW why the DOW JONES jumped nearly 500 points today?

Question by content :): DOES Any individual KNOW why the DOW JONES jumped practically 500 points today?
I know it has a thing to do with the newest bailout Tim Geithner announced right now, but can an individual describe it to me?? Also, is this a sign of points to come…will the economic climate Finally start to enhance??

Thanks! :)

Greatest solution:

Answer by Billy
Somebody farted. Who understands? There are two Wall Streets. Purchasing opportunities exist for insiders that the public by no means learns about when there is a chance to make huge income. The earnings will be taken and the index will retreat yet again. It’s been taking place for a long time.

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PostHeaderIcon Um, excuse me, Obama supporters, hello anyone listening? DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE UP 700 POINTS, WHY?

Question by : Um, excuse me, Obama supporters, hello everyone listening? DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL Regular UP 700 POINTS, WHY?
Last week there were a lot of concerns saying that the sky was falling and oh no our 401ks have lost equity and they of course blamed Bush and McCain for a negative economy.

Now the Dow is up 700 – and it could maintain going up for a handful of days and possibly get back to more than ten,000.

Now, the objective of the query is not to go over the economy – which naturally there is enough data to help that it is not as wonderful as it ought to be – unemployment, foreclosures, debt doubled, and so on.

No, the objective of this question is to mock these who desired to point to an average of 30 stock costs and say that it was the complete goal of voting for a non-Republican


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Answer by psycho_lycious
it nonetheless their fault, and I was also asking yourself-why the hell is no 1 jumping out of the tallest buildings to their horrible demise. like they did in the course of the initial stocket marketplace crashes. I am quite disappointed and even now waiting for those Wall street ba$ tard$ to kill themselves

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PostHeaderIcon How many net points has the DJI dropped since Obama got elected?

Issue by Veritas et Aequitas (): How a lot of net factors has the DJI dropped given that Obama obtained elected?

Many thanks Jeff and Steve D. I asked this in Elections by accident (yahoo default) and acquired so a lot of lectures. Thank you for your answers, which is what I essential to know.

Very best solution:

Reply by jeff410
About 1860. It opened at 9616 on November 5

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: How many points on average does the DJIA need to increase to make investors excited?

Question by Sunny: How many points on average does the DJIA need to increase to make investors excited?
How many points does the DJIA need to increase to make investors excited and how many points on average does it need to drop to make investors nervous. Is 10,000 points an average level for the DJIA?

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Answer by betotron
volume is the key not movement by the hour

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