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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: DOW charting question: Does the current DOW trend remind you of the trend on 1/7/08?

Question by Bman: DOW charting query: Does the existing DOW trend remind you of the trend on one/seven/08?
Consider a search at the weekly – 10 12 months chart of the DOW (^DJI or $ DJI) index and draw a trend line along all the key lows. It is just me, or does the existing place appear a great deal like the position it was in on one/7/08?

Best solution:

Answer by Karen
I see what you are searching at — the distinction is that the DJ has already rolled over and fallen.

The recent industry action seems to be more like the ’04 period, to me. Throughout that period the industry had been rising in ’03, topped, and then went sideways to down in successive peaks and troughs.

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PostHeaderIcon question about the pfizer stock ticker:PFE?

Question by BAM!: query about the pfizer stock ticker:PFE?
when was this stock admitted into the dow jones? supply a hyperlink if possible

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Solution by $ so fresh so clean$
April 8, 2004

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PostHeaderIcon Q&A: help no one answered my question yesterday?

Query by BAM!: aid no one particular answered my query yesterday?
when was the stock pfizer added to the dow jones? ticker is PFE
please offer a link if you have one particular. thankyou!

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Solution by JWilly
April 1, 2004.

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